Tomorrow  I will begin my new photojournalism project.  I plan to walk into Amherst center and interview some people at the new crepe place in town.  Asking the employees about the about the new business, I will snap 50-60 photos of the store in hopes to capture at least 12 enticing photos.  This experience similar to previous assignments will definitely help me in my future performances as a journalist.  Confronting strangers, asking pertinent questions, and keeping my eyes open for innovative stories are three major aspects I am working on that are extremely significant in the journalism field.  After my journey into town I will upload my photos to the imovie application on my mac laptop.  Creating a slideshow with fitting music, I will attempt to record a voiceover explaining the information I discovered on my trip to the crepe shop. I will then upload my final project to youtube for all to view.  Although a bit anxious about the outcome, I hope to capture the true essence of this new business in hopes to notify others of this shop through my short film.


About LSinclair

I am a Junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Journalism and Anthropology. I am interested in photojournalism. I hope to some day travel the world and write for National Geographic
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