Columnist Fired After Her Column on Rape Victims?

Yevgeniya Lomakina, a Collegian columnist, was fired in early March after her opinion on rape victims was published in the University’s Collegian. Lomakina, in her article entitled Planned Parenthood Cant’t Treat a Sick Society, expressed that women who are raped can sometimes be the victim of their own choices.

Lomakina explains in her article that sex is no longer associated with marriage or any type of emotional commitment but is rather excessively abused. She explains the danger of this activity as diseases are transmitted and the risk of pregnancy increases.  Although I may agree with her statement that casual sex is socially accepted in today’s world, I do not agree with Lomakina when she explains that  women must be to blame when men may confront or get involved with women who get drunk and wear promiscuous clothing at a party.  Although they may look like they want some sort of sexual interaction, that does not give any man any right to do what they please with a woman without her consent.

Although I believe that sex should not be abused and should be used when two people are committed to one another, I do however believe that woman have the right to do what they want.  Woman are allowed to flirt, drink, and wear what they want however I agree with Lomakina; they must be careful and  be aware of actions that could occur when they are drunk and flirtatious.

Lomakina, although her article was rather insulting to many, I do not believe that she should have been fired. Her article was written in a column, a space for opinion. She has the right to express her ideas and opinions about sex in our society. I understand that many were outraged when Lomakina blamed woman for being raped. I do not agree with that statement whatsoever and find it extremely offensive. I do however think that the world is a frightening place and woman have to be careful in specific situations especially when alcohol or other substances are involved that may obstruct the vision of many.


About LSinclair

I am a Junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Journalism and Anthropology. I am interested in photojournalism. I hope to some day travel the world and write for National Geographic
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