Juval Aviv speaks at UMass

Just weeks ago I was fortune enough to listen to the fascinating story of Juval Aviv. Born in Israel, Aviv’s incredible journey began as the personel body guard to his country’s prime minister. 

In 1972 after 11 Israeli olympic athletes were killed, Aviv, 24, was sent to find the terrorists of this horrific act.  For 4 1/2 years as a secret agent he hid searching intensely for these people.

As he began his speech with his journey as a secret agent for the country of Israel, I learned of this man’s vital position in society. With his introduction he segued into the reality of terrorism in our world.  Comparing both the United States to Israel, Aviv explained how incredibly unprepared the American people are for a terrorist attack.  He explained of an experiment that took place in both the United States and Israel.  Several years ago fake bombs were placed in major cities throughout each country as an experiment to test the people’s reaction to the supposed bomb. In Israel, people immediately evacuated the area as  Americans completely disregarded the bomb and continued on with their daily lives. With this example, Aviv challenged the audience to prepare for an attack. He stressed that it is vital for the American people to create an emergency plan with their loved ones in the event of a terrorist attack.

Aviv went on to discuss his work in financial fraud.  His major business investigated the Bernie Madoff case as he personally visits Madoff in his prison cell. 

As he answered a question pertaining to his daily life, Aviv nonchanatly added his monthly visit with President Obama.  Mouths dropped as he opened his cell phone and pointed to the President’s number.

Aviv however was not able to answer what he is working on currently.  Strongly connected with major individuals knowing a tremendous amount about governmental issues, Juval Aviv works diligently behind the scenes in order to keep our country safe from any harm.

Although I found it comforting to know men and women like Juval Aviv work every day to instill security, it is evident  that the American people or citizens from any country do not have the slighest inclination of what exactly happens behind the scenes.  As citizens we learn of particular occurences through the media.  The government tells the media what they should present to the world manipulating the people’s knowledge and opinions about the events that happen in our society.


About LSinclair

I am a Junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Journalism and Anthropology. I am interested in photojournalism. I hope to some day travel the world and write for National Geographic
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